Mso Medicals

Your Complete Medical & Lab Equipment Supplier

The major areas in which 'MSO' is principally concentrating & responsible for:

  • Import & distribution of Sterilizing equipment, spare parts, and medical equipment, diagnostics and analytical system.
  • Bio medical safety test equipment.
  • Medical computerization and data processing.
  • Consultation to secure all reagents and solutions used in Diagnostic assays.
  • Invest in the Importation of new favorable products and the introduction of those products into the Saudi Market.
  • Meet customer's requirements with quality products and excellent service.
  • Persuade collaborations which build-up on our promotion, distribution and marketing capabilities.
  • Develop a flexible, committed and skilled work force to be rewarded for excellence and innovative services.
  • Strive for continuous improvements in all area of business.
  • Ensure strong bases of relations with our international principle of mutual business.